Slim’n Lite is one of the leading institutions in the field of nutrition and health services in Qatar. Our Doha-based team of health and nutrition professionals combines more than 15 years of expertise and research in health and diet food. Our center provides our clients with the tools to optimize their well-being and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We offer nutritious chef-cooked meals that are both healthy and delicious. Our delivery service ensures you benefit from our dietary solutions in the comfort of your home or office

Our mission is to provide well-balanced, healthy meals and snacks similar to home cooked foods yet lower in fat, more varied in nutrient content and freshly prepared under strict hygiene and quality control standards.

Our meals are designed to keep up with Doha’s growing multicultural environment.

We follow calorie-based balanced diet plans providing all your body needs to achieve and maintain a healthy nutritional status in addition to controlling several medical conditions such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, etc


In a world of high-demands and busy schedules, Slim’n Lite provides nutritional solutions that deliver the benefits of health, quality, taste, time, and convenience.

We will continue to create a healthy environment by providing a unique personal food experience to health-minded customers. We will continue bringing the healthy alternatives to our clients to help create a healthy and happy living.


Health Benefits

Lose weight, boost your energy levels, become healthy and stay happy


Get high quality fresh gourmet meals for an affordable price.


Enjoy delicious fresh meals delivered right to your door.


Discover delicious healthy meals great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Save time on grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. We’re on it!