Healthy Tips
  Smart Ways to RIGHT - SIZE Your Portions


Healthy living can be summarized in three basic rules as recognized by health experts all over the world. These are:

Eat a VARIETY of foods
EXERCISE regularly

For a more in depth look onto the various recommnedations for healthy eating and exercise, please refer to the food guides below.

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  There's no need to give up your favorite foods to manage your weight or improve your health. The bigger problem is not WHAT we eat, but HOW MUCH we eat.
  The key to healthful and delicious eating is to downsize your portions at breakfast, lunch, dinner and especially snack time.


Listen to your body's cues.

Prepare less food for meals.

Start with a small serving.

Use small dishes and glasses.

Slow down the pace of eating.

Eat half, wait 20 minutes.

Never eat out of the bag.
Think before you order.

Always go for the small size.

Share, share, share.

Eat half, take half home.

Eat regular meals and snacks.


Source : Eat Smart, Move More; North Carolina , March 2005:


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