"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art" La Rochefoucauld

If you’re looking to lose weight, control a medical condition (e.g. Diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc.), or just adopt a healthy diet, Slim’n Lite has the answer for you. Our team of highly qualified dietitians and skilled kitchen staff will cater to all your needs with a scrumptious & well-balanced diet program delivered to your doorstep.

When you first arrive to our office, you will be guided to a dietitian who will perform a thorough nutritional assessment & body fat analysis. Based on the results, she will design a diet that suits your tastes & helps you achieve your nutritional goals while following up on your progress every two weeks to make any required changes on your meal plan.

Our diet is a ´┐ŻBalanced Diet?which allows you to eat all varieties of food to ensure that you get all the nutrients that your body needs, yet it focuses on portion & calorie control to achieve the expected results. Research has shown that upon comparing various types of diets, at the one year mark, the best results were seen in those people following a Balanced Diet?

Our food is cooked fresh daily and packed with extra care according to the international recommendations for food quality and safety. The meals are similar to home cooked meals, yet they are lower in fat, more varied in nutrient content and save you the hassle of actually preparing them yourself.

The Slim'n Lite diet is a learning process that teaches you how to manage your meals with respect to timing, quality and quantity. Our aim at Slim'n Lite is not only to help you achieve your desired results, but to make sure you maintain them for a lifetime of healthy living.


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